L&M Precision Engineering

CNC Machining Services

With over 60 years combined experience and a commitment to quality.

Accurate CNC Machining, provides precision CNC machining services to customers in the automotive and industrial gear industries. We are ISO9001 certified and embrace lean methodology in all of our precision machining processes. Most lead times are 7-10 days and we can accommodate rush jobs when needed. We also boast a 95 to 98% on time delivery.

Specializing in CNC turning, milling, and threading, our skilled machinists and state of the art equipment can meet tolerances of ± .0001” of concentricity and diameter. We work with parts up to 30” long, 40” wide, 25” high, with a diameters up to 14”. We can work with various steels, alloys, brass, and a wide variety of plastics, and provide the same on time delivery on prototypes as we do for high volume production runs.
To learn more about Accurate CNC machining services capabilities, contact us directly.